As the Director of a nationwide relocation business, Gen-X-Coaching has been providing career assistance to spouses of our relocated clients for a number of years. I always found the work to be exemplary and the feedback from our clients is that the service from Gen-X-Coaching is always excellent.

Adam S - Company Director

Gen-X-Coaching has been assisting my organisation over a number of years in the areas of Executive and Leadership Coaching, Outplacement and Psychometric Assessment. The service has always been highly professional and each assignment has been a huge success and has increased my efficiency.

Damian T - Managing Director in B2B Services

I initially contacted Gen-X-Coaching because of their reputation as experienced career coaches and advisors. With their help, I followed a step by step program and I have now greatly improved my professional communication and gained greater efficiency and clarity. I would highly recommend Gen-X-Coaching for anyone wishing to improve their professional presentation or their job search toolbox.

Philippe G - Creative Director

Gen-X-Coaching has helped me realise my potential by identifying my strengths and providing strategies for areas where I need development.

Penny S - Product Specialist

 My husband and I have just used Gen-X-Coaching to assist us in completing job applications from cover letters to resumes and interview preparation. Gen-X-Coaching enabled us to discover and pursue our chosen careers in an amazing timeframe.

Sarah S - Account Manager