Our Methodology - Cognitive Solution Focused Coaching

Gen-X-Coaching is unique as a provider of the Integrated Coaching Methodology called Cognitive Solution Focused Coaching.

Our approach draws on renowned psychological frameworks and the world's leading methodologies.


Our Coaches work with individuals on strategies to positively change underlying unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This in turn results in on-going positive outcomes for the individual on both a personal and professional level.

Central to our approach, is the belief that an individual's behaviour and job performance is strongly influenced by their thoughts and emotions. To understand any individual situation, therefore, requires an assessment of the problems in 3 dimensions:

  • Cognitive
  • Emotional
  • Behavioural

Following an assessment of the problem in these 3 areas, the Coach will guide the individual through to the next step of "Cognitive Restructuring". This process establishes new, more constructive thoughts and beliefs, bringing about positive behavioural changes and outcomes for the individual.


Each Coaching assignment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Session duration is 1.5 hour and can be conducted face to face, via Skype or telephone. The number of sessions can vary depending on the type of assignment and the needs of the individual.


Our Coaches are accredited in world leading Web based tools such as the MBTI (Myers Briggs) Assessment, the STRONG Interest Inventory and the REALISE2 Strengths Assessment.